Party Split

Strange Aeons - Headhunt

Session Two

They moved to investigate the room across from the flesh chamber. The boiler room.

-In the boiler room, Azoth carried the day: His alchemical explosives were greatly effective against the swarm of rats that had infested the area. Leoran was at one point dragged to the floor by the vermin, who made a treat of one of his ears. Investigation of the room revealed a hole in the floor leading back down to furnace in the basement.


-Back outside to return downstairs to collect the nurse's head. (Someone – Probably Azoth?) perceived, latched into the courtyard wall, a winged humanoid of some sort, which gave chase, though no further than the basement door.


-Atop a pile of corpses in the other basement cell, Akosh woke up.

As he slowly applied his magic to melt away the lock that held him within, he eventually heard the trio's approach. Three, on inspection, strangely familiar people, to whom he himself was also strangely familiar.

He was helped out of captivity, and his belongings (divvied up among the three when they were found in the trunk) returned.


They set about preparing an ambush for the monster of the courtyard, but it never came. Rather than risk an ambush by returning to enemy territory, they laboriously climbed the pipes back through the hole in the floor into the boiler room, reuniting with Dog.


They return – or in Akosh's case, visit – the barricade, to report their progress, their recovery of another survivor, and to ask if they'd need another head to prove he was human (or, given the complete lack of "humans" in the party, "not a monster").

The report came back that three heads would still be sufficient, and a woman's voice suggested checking further down the hall.


They went.


The locker rooms contained- a ghoul and a madman chained together to a wall, in a side room.

In the locker room proper, a pair of ghouls restrained by an easily moved barricade, and a lady doctor narrating her research. The third doppelgänger.

(refresh my memory, what led up to combat?)

Doctor Oathday, as she soon introduced herself, bewitched Inonne: She is a doctor, and wants to help. The halfbreed remained inactive against Oathday (but not her ghouls, once they'd been released – eating flesh isn't any sort of medical help).

Oathday ultimately fell, and her recording stone came into Akosh's possession.

(I believe that session ended here. Session three was Smiles the chained, and a relaxing time in shantytown, Session 4 was the Argus Wall and Library.)



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