Party Split

Strange Aeons - A Moment's Peace

Session Three

Interrogation of the madman, who had a limited vocabulary-

Words fail

He sees

Zandalys sees

Praise him



The chained ghoul distracted the interview, until it was put down through the combined force of Inonne and Akosh.


Growing increasingly disturbed, Inonne was first to leave for the barricade. The others joined a few minutes later – and no sooner had they turned their backs than a booming voice came from the madman (presumably): "The Dreamers should have stayed asleep"

The maniac collapsed, insensible, and was resuscitated by Leoran.



Introduction to Winter, priestess of Pharasma and de facto community leader.

The madman and his ghost sister.

Giggles, the very happy madwoman.

The boy with his lamp.

Naysa, a redhead nurse who Akosh would hit things off with that night at dinner ("So. You come here often?")

A boy and his mute sister, who took to Dog – and who Inonne took to.

A collection of deity statues, most notably Desna. If only because Azoth claimed a spot near it as "his corner".


They all slept well that night, dreaming of lost memories, watched over by butterflies therein. Leoran and an old tailing job; Akosh his homeland and a red-headed woman; Azoth and a library he'd frequented in boyhood (I believe his memory order went Library – Store – Library).

All but Inonne, who stayed awake all night.


The next day, they were called on to work for the community. Akosh worked in the kitchen with Naysa, Leoran and Azoth helped tend the wounded – the latter being a great help, as Winter's priestly healing was somehow less potent than it should have been, while the alchemical medicines remained at full strength.

Inonne chopped firewood, and half-dozing as she worked recalled a memory of doing the same in her childhood.


(Leoran's private meeting with Winter)

Azoth's patient, a severely injured woman, recovers.


More memories for Akosh and Inonne: the former dreamt of a trip to an apothecary for supplies in his youth, and the discovery of a tome there in a language he knew not, with pictures of a great city. A book he recognized from his waking hours, as he still had it with him: An account in Aklo, on the cities of Yith.


For Inonne, a continuation of the woodchopping dream: her Drow mother (still adapting to daylight hours, for sake of her business) stepping outside to join her daughter and the man with her – revealed to be Inonne's father, and asking for help when she was done helping daddy. Inonne eagerly agrees.

Giggles's nightly excursions. Inonne's day off, teaching a little bit of Drow Sign to the kids. Akosh scoring with Naysa. The sleeping guards at the curtain. Leoran's discovery of the argus wall.



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