Party Split

Strange Aeons - The Dreamers Awake

Session One

-Chase sequence in the city of yellow fog, through winding streets, ending at a cul de sac. The three of hour heroes there found themselves unarmed. Early in the flight, Inonne grabbed a bystander woman and dragged her along – better with them than left behind. Said woman was wrestled away from her near the cul de sac, leaving the fighter with a dismembered arm in her hand.

Once cornered, Leoran was promptly and brutally struck down by the creature of their nightmares – a man-mummy of text, or something similar. As Azoth scanned the perimeter – perhaps in search of a way out – Inonne held the creature off with her bare fists.

The alchemist found written on the walls a message: Wake up and save me.Inonne joined Leoran in the dream-grave, and Azoth willed himself back to consciousness.


Awakening in the cell, unarmed, unarmored, bound (until Azoth worked his way out of his bonds, and Inonne broke the rope that bound Leoran and herself), and with very foggy memories. Slight smell of smoke. On an impromptu operating table in the hall, a distorted nurse tortures a captive with shards of glass, and Leoran's sword. Her prisoner quite nearly dead and physically broken by her ministrations, the nurse approaches the cell for her next "patient", choosing Leoran. Her face changed to match those she looked at.

Leoran was eventually let out, and in an audacious move rushed for the keys to the cell and threw them to his friends (I wanna say Azoth, but Inonne has the keys now…). The nurse was tripped by her previous patient, in a final display of his will, and slain.


-From there, they headed South, away from the smell of smoke, where they found a Rottweiler that seemed to know them – they all seemed to know each other, in fact – chained to the wall, and a trunk containing their belongings: the rest of Leoran's sword cane, his knives, his coat. Azoth's books and supplies. Inonne's armaments and mirror – which showed an older face than had been expected.

They free the dog, and go upstairs to the courtyard.

Courtyard was filled with burning hot rain, and great gusts carrying papers (anyone remember what they said?)


—Down the hall, a doppelgänger doctor in a ruined room practically wallpapered with skin samples, thinking aloud about the need for superior flesh. Defeated through team effort, though the heroes took a beating and required some impromptu medical care.


—Back where they came from, investigating a barricade. The party tries to negotiate entry, and are at first turned away under suspicion of shapeshifterdom. Making a wild assumption on how shapeshifters work, Inonne attempted to prove their collective humanity by chopping off a fistful of her hair.

They were promised entry if they could bring three doppelgänger heads.

They returned to collect the one from  the doctor, an investigate the room across from his flesh chamber. The boiler room.



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