Party Split

Strange Aeons - What Lies Beyond the Wall

Session Four

The meeting with Winter, as Leo tells his comrades what he saw on the other side of the curtain. Akosh's theory that the asylum either is, or was dragged into, a demiplane. The revelation that Zandalys was an inmate at the asylum – a poet, a literary man. Giggles's monsterfication and attempted destruction of the Desna statue. Akosh's destruction of the Argus Wall via mirror – the idea being that if it sees itself, it mightn't attack (it self destructed instead).

Inonne checking her mirror immediately after, and her mind reeling under the psychic shadow of The Eye, afflicting her with the delusion that The Eye had entered her.

In panic, she threw the mirror to the ground, and her friends attempts to show her that she was fine fell on deaf ears. Though Azoth's eyedrops helped.


Sent for supplies, told there may be records on their reason for being in the hospital somewhere in the building. Azoth looks out the window and sees something so horrific his mind refuses to process a memory of it.

Debate eventually leads them to the library, rather than the medical wing- in hopes of finding something to remedy the situation at the asylum before supplies would be needed.

As the others struggled to reason with a trio of ratings, Inonne grabbed a copy of Webmid's Ocular Anatomy off the shelves and flipped through it.

The ratings, finally, were repelled.


And the hall to the hospital was collapsed, leaving only the southeastern courtyard as a route to the destination – cold, seemingly snowing, but in truth it was shredded paper. And, like the other courtyard, a faceless gargoyle…

[Fun fact – Google image search tells me that the Argus Wall eye was green. So, yeah, ocular fungal infestation and changed to the wrong color. Poor girl.]



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